Creating Your First Prompt

      After logging in you may see a screen that looks like this:

      If so, click on 'CREATE NEW PROMPT'

      If not, click on the 'Prompts' link in the main menu

      Either way, you should end up at STEP 1 of the prompt form where you can create your own prompt, or select one from the prompt library.

      To create your own prompt, enter your prompt title and assignment in the prompt detail boxesNext, add any attachments that you want your students to utilize for the assignment

      • You can also add any teacher only resources you want to bookmark

      When done, click on 'NEXT STEP'

      Next, assign a due date or select 'No Due Date'

      If you have one, enter your minimum word count

      Add main concepts and vocabulary for your prompt, which will be highlighted for you when reviewing student work, then click 'ADD.' You can add as many concepts and supporting vocabulary as you wish.You can chose to expand the vocabulary our system looks for by activation the vocabulary expansion option. Using stemming and online thesauruses we will look for and highlight words related to the words you have entered. 

      Click on 'EXPAND VOCABULARY' or 'CANCEL' to continue

      The number of vocabulary expansions will be shown. Select 'LAST STEP' to continue

      Next, select a grading rubric from the drop down menu

      And if you want to upload a sample response

      Now decide if you want them to use spelling and grammar check, and show writing rate

      Optional: Write messages to display if the student clicks on the help button or stops writing for the selected amount of time

      Still optional, you can type messages to display if the student has written or deleted the number of words that you have selected

      When done, click on 'SAVE AND ASSIGN PROMPT' to complete the prompt form

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