Viewing and Interpreting a Student Report

You can access student reports in one of two ways, from either the 'Reports' menu, or the 'Students' menu

Getting there from the 'Reports' tab starting at your home screen: Click on 'Reports' 

Click on 'SELECT STUDENT'Select the student you wish to view from the drop-down list or search for them using the search bar

You can also get to the student report using the 'Students' icon: 

Click on 'Students' on the left side of the screen

Hover over the name of the student you wish to view until you see a bar graph icon appear, and then click it

Both the above routes will take you to this report where you will see information on spelling/grammar errors, entities used, key vocabulary, unique words, total words, qualitative and quantitate scores (if used) and date the writing was submitted

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