Elements of the Prompt Form


Use the first field to enter the title of your prompt OR select a prompt from the prompt library

If you are creating a new prompt, put the title in the 'Set Prompt Title' field and enter the details of this writing assignment. Explain to your students what they are writing about and all of the particulars they need to know to succeed in this assignment

Add FilesClick on the 'Choose Files' button to add any files such as pictures, graphs, or docs that you would like to be in the promptYou have the option to add Teacher Only Resources

Assign a Due Date

Here you have the option to select a due date for your students or select 'No Due Date'
Minimal Word Count

Enter the minimum number of words that a student will need to write in order to submit their promptAdd Main Concepts  and Expand Vocabulary (optional)

Here you can add main concepts of the writing prompt with vocabulary, which will be highlighted when students use these terms

Select Prompt Grading Rubric

Use the drop-down menu to choose a grading rubric

Sample Response

If you wish to share a sample response with students you can do so by enabling it here

Add Help messages to get your students going again (optional)

In this section you can select whether or not you wish to allow your student to use spelling and grammar check, and show your students' writing rates

You can also create messages to display after students have written or deleted the number of words that you selected from the drop-down menus 

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