Grading Student Responses - Overview Menu

Overview Menu

The Overview Menu on the right side of your screen offers tools to assist you in grading your students' writing 


When you click on 'Performance' a window will display information on the word count and readability of your student's writing submission

Click on 'CLOSE' to close this windowWriting Check

When you select 'Writing Check,' words will be highlighted if the software detects that there are spelling or grammar errors suggestions for improvement. Click on 'Spelling', 'Grammar', or 'Suggestions' to see the highlights for each category

Select any of the highlighted words to see suggested corrections

When you click on 'Entities,' types of entities will display below the 'Submit' button

Select the type of entity you wish to view and this entity type will be highlighted in the writing submission

In the example below, 'person' is selected


If while creating the prompt you selected any concepts that you wanted highlighted in student work, then 'Concepts' will appear in the Overview Menu, otherwise this tab will not display. The concepts will display below the 'Submit' button. Selecting each concept will highlight them for you in the submission.

Plagiarism Check

 If you have upgraded to a deluxe account, you will have access to a plagiarism checker which will appear in the Overview Menu. A score will be assigned by an external application, PlagAware, and more information can be viewed by selected 'View Report.'


When you click on 'Feedback', an 'Add Feedback' button will display below 'Submit' 

Highlight text that you wish to comment on and click 'Add Feedback' to display the 'Feedback' window

Add your feedback to the text that you selected and click on 'ADD'

Repeat these steps if you wish to add more feedback

NOTE: Text can only be highlighted once, so you will need to provide all feedback regarding the text you highlighted in one comment or add a new highlighted section before or after that section.


When you select 'Grading,' the grading rubric window will appear

Complete the rubric, assign a score from 1-100, provide any overall feedback, and click on 'ADD' Submit

Once you have added your grading, click on 'Submit' to complete your grading and make it accessible to your student with either a revision option, or as a final grade

The two options are shown below


Or for final grading:

More information about most of these steps can be found in individual help topics.

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