Student Peer Review Process

Submissions for review will appear on the student reviewer's home screen

Click on the 'Peer Feedback' tab to view any peer assignments waiting for your review

Highlight the text you want to give feedback on and select 'Add Feedback'

Type feedback in box and select 'ADD'

When done select 'Submit' from the menu and then 'SUBMIT' in the pop up box.

The assignment will show back up on the writer's home screen as 'peer reviewed'

To view the feedback from the peer reviewer choose  'Draft 1' and then 'Peer Feedback' 

Comments can be seen on the right under the 'Peer Feedback' tab and will be highlighted in the text

After reviewing comments, select 'OK' to return to the assignment

To make changes to your work and resubmit, return to 'Submission', make your additions, edits or corrections and then select Submit to send it to the teacher for grading. 

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