Using your easyCBM Account to Upgrade to WRN Deluxe

Write Right Now is a part of the easyCBM family and the Deluxe version is included in easyCBM Deluxe and District accounts.

NOTE: You must first create a free Write Right Now account and can then upgrade to deluxe though easyCBM using the directions below. 

To upgrade your WRN account to Deluxe using your easyCBM Deluxe or District account: Log in to your easyCBM account and select 'Admin'

Scroll to the bottom of the Admin page and click on the link to Write Right Now. This will take you to the Write Right Now login page. Using your WRN login credentials, log in and your account will automatically be upgraded to deluxe.  

If you have an easyCBM Lite (not Deluxe) account, you will need to upgrade to Deluxe in order to upgrade to WRN Deluxe.

To upgrade your easyCBM account, log in to your account and click on 'Admin' 

Then select 'Manage easyCBM Teacher Deluxe Subscription' under Account Management 

Click on either 'Upgrade' or 'Purchase One Year Subscription' 

You will be directed to a new tab with a QuikPay form through the University of Oregon where you can pay with either credit card or E-check.

After you have created and paid for your easyCBM Deluxe account, select the Write Right Now link at the bottom of the admin page shown above to connect to Write Right Now and your upgraded WRN account. 

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